Planting the Seeds

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As fruit ripens, it begins to change color, flavor and texture. Each fruit containing a blossoming soul, aging flesh and sweet manifestations of wisdom.  Just like fruit, we experience these property changes. Some fruit never fully ripens and some people never reach their full potential. I am going to be discussing topics such as spirituality, sexuality, drugs, personal value, depression, love and so much more. The topic list will extent to reach many aspects of the human experience and random impactful experiences I have and will encounter. When seeds are planted, farmer’s know they all will not reach fruition. With that said, not every topic I post on here will connect with you, but I am hoping at least one of the seeds I plant in your mind will grow into something. This is not meant to be an extremely serious page. I want it to be real, fun and engaging. I am sharing my ideas while trying to create discussion among my peers and within all of us. I hope this will translate into something bigger for you. We are all ripening fruit. This is our story. 

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